Morning Market in Hachinohe

There are about 10 official morning markets in Hachinohe, and I visited one of them which started in 1945 at JR Mutsuminato-Station.

I arrived around 6:30 after a 15-min. drive, and it was not that early to visit because the market opens before the sunrise. I was surprised to see many retailers and farmers open their own shops along the street for several hundred meters (I heard that there are usually more than 200 shops). I even found coffee shops.

Coffee shop!

Vienna coffee for 100 yen♪

Hachinohe is very famous for fishery, but there were not only seafood but also vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Dried flatfish

Dried squids

Hiratsumegani (Ovalipes punctatus)

This is Hachinohe Fish and Vegetable Retail Market in front of the station, and there are about 40 shops inside. You can buy either fresh or processed seafood, meat and daily dishes.

Dried herrings

Beautiful sauries

You can buy, take some fresh seafood and cook at home, but you can enjoy the taste of Hachinohe right after your purchase at this market.

Fatty tuna, cheap!
Saury fillet
You can buy cooked rice, miso soup and
other dishes such as grilled seafood,
salad, fried eggs and sausages.

It says "Japan's liveliest breakfast and
the proper way of eating".

On the left, assroted sashimi (raw fish).
Salmon, sea bream, tuna and squid.
You can make your own seafood bowl.

You can bring vegetables or fruits
from the shops outside.

After you enjoyed your breakfast at the market, go see the statue of "Isaba-no Kaccha". “Isaba” means fish shops or fish markets, and “kaccha” means women working in the market. She wears an apron, covers her cheeks with a handkerchief and holds a squid in her hand. This is a typical “Isaba-no Kaccha”.

Very 3D.

If you have a plan to stay at the hotel in Hachinohe, you can take part in taxi tours called “Asaguru”. There’re 2 courses to enjoy morning time in Hachinohe. Tours depart from the hotels in the city central or the ones near JR Hachinohe Station.

1. Hotel – Morning market – Public bath – Hotel
    (departing at 6:00, approx. 2.5 hrs., 1,500 yen)
2. Hotel – Morning market – Hotel (departing at 7:00, 1,200 yen)

Those tours are run by Hachinohe Convention Bureau http://www.hachinohe-cb.jp/asaguru/index.html (Japanese only).

☆Aomori Sightseeing Guide "aptinet"  http://en.aptinet.jp/

Click to see larger map of Mutsuminato Morning Market

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