Buckwheat Ice Cream

One of my favorite ice creams.

There’re about 987 road stations (“michi-no-eki”) in Japan.  Road stations are established, by MLIT, to have facilities with certain number of parking spaces, toilet and facility information which are 24 hours available.

You can try this ice cream at one of 27 road stations in Aomori.  Go to “Road Station Shichinohe” located in Shichinohe Town where Shinkansen (bullet train) stops at Shichinohe-Towada Station (you can walk to the road station).

Buckwheat ice cream is soft-served and vanilla based, with buckwheat powder.  Buckwheat is usually used for Japanese noodle “soba”, but there’re some other buckwheat foods like pancakes, dumplings and bread, and besides soba, ice cream is my favorite.

Taste of the ice cream itself is vanilla, but you can feel marvelous flavor of buckwheat all over your mouth, even the flavor might come out from your nose!  I love New Zealand’s hokey pokey, with its taste and the texture of honey lumps, but when it comes to the flavor, Shichinohe’s ice cream is preferable.

Shichinohe is famous for horse breeding.

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