Donburi Festival

Spring festival is being held at Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center “ASPAM” (where my office is), and one of the main attractions is “Donburi Festival”.  “Donburi”, often called “don” means bowl, and there you can taste various local donburi of Aomori.

“Ochazuke” is cooked rice with hot soup stock or green tea, and what I had for lunch today is “ochazuke-don”, garnished with boiled oratorias, chopped Japanese parsley, pickled radish, shredded fried egg, “nori” (seaweed) and wasabi.  As oratorias are caught only in spring, Aomori people enjoy them at hanami (cherry-viewing).

350 yen
There are 13 other bowls, but unfortunately, you cannot eat them all at one time.

Spring festival at ASPAM closes on May 6th.

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