"Nokkedon" - Seafood Bowl of Your Own Taste

I said Aomori is famous for apples and namaco (sea cucumber) in the previous posts, and this time, I recommend fresh seafood caught along the coast of Aomori.

"Nokke" means "dish up" and "don (donburi)" means bowl, and at "Aomori Gyosai Center (= Aomori fish and vegetable market)", you can get your original seafood bowl which can definitely be cheaper than the one at sushi restaurants.

This is Aomori Gyosai Center in Furukawa, Aomori-City, located only several-minute walk from Aomori Station, and you can get very fresh seafood, vegetables, dried seafood and delicatessen here.

First of all, you get a 1,000-yen ticket (100-yen x 10), and then you move to get rice in a bowl at the shop with an orange sign. 100 yen for regular serve, and 200 yen for larger serve.

500-yen ticket is also available.

At an orange sign shop, you can also get a green perilla, which is for both garnishing and flavoring, for 10 yen, and sushi vinegar for free.

With rice in a bowl in your hands, move to over 30 shops with blue flag to make your own bowl! At every blue flag shop, raw fish are cut into pieces, and cost between 100 yen – 200 yen (sea urchin is usually 300 yen).

In my case, scallop and salmon are must,
and in an aluminium cup, I have wasabi
flavored whelk.

Now “engawa”, soft bones supporting
the fins of a flatfish is added.

Spot shrimp in the middle.

Japanese taste omelet is added.

Boiled mantis shrimps and Japanese ice fish
(with cherry blossom flavoring) added.

Including pickles of mountain vegetable
beside the bowl, it cost just 1,000 yen.
This blue store curtain indicates the place you can
sit and enjoy your nokkedon. On the table,
chopsticks, soy sauce and wasabi are available.

 You can have hot green tea and
cold barley tea for free.

It'll be crowded if you visit the market around noon.

Nokkedon is very convenient, and it's so good that you can choose your favorites only. Talking about ikura (salmon roe), I like it OK but I don't need it for my nokkedon.

It's worth trying that it costs only 1/3 of other restaurants and sushi bars.

Aomori Gyosai Center: 1-11-16 Furukawa, Aomori City
                              Aomori, Japan

Aomori Sightseeing Guide "aptinet": http://en.aptinet.jp/

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