Grazing Horses

In Shiriyazaki (Cape Shiriya), located at the eastern-tip of Shimokita Peninsula, Aomori Prefecture, there’re about 30 grazing horses called “Kandachime”. “Kan” means cold weather, “dachi” means standing and “me” means horse.

Red sign indicates Shiriyazaki.

Horses and Shiriya Lighthouse

Those horses used to hold an important position in farming that people preferred their physical strength and patience against cold weather and poor food, and also their sustaining power and obedient character were preferable.

They stay in Shiriyazaki from May to October, and in winter time, from November to April, they spend winter months in the wintering field called “Ataka”, 2.5 km south from Shiriyazaki.

Platinum blond?

This colt was born in May.

Very gentle

Kandachime and Shiriyazaki are designated as Natural Treasure of Aomori Prefecture.

Transportation: get on Shimokita Kotsu Bus (Shiriya Line) at Mutsu Bus 
                      Terminal, and get off at Shiriyazaki (1 hour), and approx.
                      20-minute walk to the lighthouse.

Aomori Sightseeing Guide "aptinet":  http://en.aptinet.jp/

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